old friends and new adventures: rodeo edition

The fact that I have never been to a rodeo and I grew up in Charlotte is quite unusual, so when my bullfighter friend invited me up to Traverse City I jumped at the chance. Camera in hand I set out to capture this new experience with a ‘street photographer-esque’ point of view. By the time the rodeo was over I realized I had been so taken aback by the beauty of these very large and intimidatingly beautiful animals and the wonderful onlookers, that I had taken only a dozen images. I am determined to make it back to another this summer and bring you more of this new joy of mine, but for now here is a little glimpse.

ImageZack, the bull fighter, catching on fire.


ImageImage The whole experience.

Image My new cowboy friend. It was his first time too!

ImageImageImageImageThe lovely lady who kissed the clown is now throwing her friends shoe into the arena during the little girls shoe shuffle. She was nearly as entertaining as the show.